Unique, Art-to-Wear Jewellery

Inspired by ancient arts and crafts, each work incorporates antique materials and found objects in a never-to-be-repeated creation.

SabiSuki red necklace

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Patricia Mansfield-Devine's asymmetric beaded jewellery uses a complex construction, inspired by ancient jewellery. Every piece is completely individual and is never reproduced.

She uses a mixture of materials in her work, a proportion of which is always recycled. Materials include vintage glass beads and buttons; baroque pearls, mother of pearl and semi-precious gemstones; and handworked lampwork, foil and dichroic glass beads made by current bead artists worldwide. 

Each item is unique, says Patricia, not only in its construction, but also in its combination of materials. “Many of these beads or found objects are one-offs,” she says. “Even if I wanted to, I couldn't create the same piece twice.”

In her beadwork, she aims for a joyous abundance in both form and materials, using many materials, including glass, mother of pearl, gemstones and lucite. She is also passionate about recycling, and endeavours to make sure that every piece she makes contains a proportion of recycled beads, antique items and found objects.

SabiSuki beaded shell"Every piece I make is unique, and although I lay out a plan, the design only fully emerges in the course of making the piece," Patricia explains. "Partly this is because I use a freeform stringing and beadweaving technique whose results are somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes it doesn't work, and I have to start again from scratch, but what I aim for is to create a happy accident, much as is done with shibori dyeing."

Some are antique beads, of which only a few exist, or they are one-off pieces made by bead artists. Some are beads Patricia makes herself specifically for one necklace.

Every item is a work of art - the unique expression of an idea.