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How to buy on Ebay

If you've never bought clothes on Ebay, here's a quick how-to

Buying clothes on Ebay can be great fun, but need to know how to look and what to look for.

Ladylike glamour at the Golden Globes

The 2010 Golden Globes showcased some beautiful and grown-up designs that the over-40s babe can easily emulate.

Laura LinneyThere was a distinctly ladylike feel to the Golden Globes dresses this year, providing some inspiration for the over-40s babe.

Tools of the trade

A small arsenal of well-designed tools can prove very useful in the make-up box.

brushesHaving the right tools makes applying your makeup a great deal easier.

Before and after - Cameron Diaz

Even Cameron Diaz gets photoshopped in magazine pictures

Cameron Diaz's 'before' shots are what most of us would like as 'after' shots, but the photoshoppers still won't leave her alone

Little boots

Here's a quick guide to warm boots for winter

Winter boots that are both warm and practical

Cabin fever

We've been hampered by the snow for the best part of a month now - it's getting a little irritating

SnowThe snow may be pretty, but being snowed in is becoming a tad tiresome.

A new year, a new look

A new year has left me itching for a new haircut to go with it

thumbI'm hoping this angled bob will just melt the years away...

Before and after - Nicolette Sheridan

Number one in our new series on what Photoshop can do for you is Nicollette Sheridan

If we all had access to Photoshop, we might all look as good as this...


Why do we always overdo it at Christmas? My stomach is glad to get back to normal

It must be a sign of ageing - my poor digestion is only just recovering from Christmas

Lies told by women's magazines

Women's magazines do have one thing in common - they lie and they lie and they lie...

For all Cosmo lovers, everywhere.

The desirable dozen

Twelve foolproof makeup products for women over 40

MaybellineOnce you hit 40, you need makeup products that go on fast, give reliable results and stay put. Here are 12 of the best

Sales savvy

The January sales are upon us once more. Here's how to survive them

It pays to take a military approach to shopping in January

Party perfect

When you have functions to attend, it pays to have a uniform

Here in the countryside, functions aren't what they were in London - this party season I found myself dressing in a kind of uniform

Black and white party

At Christmas we threw a monochrome party and it was a huge amount of fun

If you throw a black and white party, even the food and drink can match the theme.

Another year bites the dust

I can't be the only one who's glad to see the back of 2009

2009 left us battered and bruised, but thankfully undefeated

Knicker tips for the clueless

Peter Jones has set up a men-only section in its lingerie department to help the guys sort the boyshorts from the thongs

Can men ever get it right when buying undies for their women?

Return of the sheep

Could it be true? The Sloane Ranger look of the 80s is back?

The picture sweaters so beloved of Princess Di when she was just a Lady seem to be back among us.

A slightly grumpy Christmas?

Now that I've got the Christmas spirit in, perhaps I can get more into the Christmas spirit

Christmas comes but once a year - a shame, then, that it's in winter.

Boobed again

Every year I look for a pretty bra that is also supportive - and as usual, I'm straight back to my trusty favourites...

Doreen luxuryThe Doreen bra by Triumph is a masterpiece of engineering, but oh how I wish it came in more interesting colours

End of an era for Lacroix

Lacroix has closed its doors to haute-couture

Lacroix gown close-upIt's goodbye to all that for the house of Lacroix

A mole problem

When a mole can turn cancerous, it must be removed - I just wish it wasn't so painful

Moles on the sole of your foot are inherently dangerous, but getting them cut out is no picnic either

Get it while the getting's good

Lace is one of those trends that favour older women - get it while it's hot

laceLace can hide a multitude of sins, so make the most of it this season

At last - a useful trend in party frocks

A statement dress with a really busy print is a godsend for women over 40 in the cocktail season

dress thumbUseful party frocks for the run-up to Christmas

Something old, something older

An impromptu clothes swap has left all of us girls feeling a lot - well, girlier

Attending a clothes swap recently has put some zing back in my wardrobe.

Economy tips from Janet Street-Porter

I'd hazard a guess that its a long time since Toothy had to count her pennies, but some of her tips are actually pretty sensible

Are you a frugalista?

How to do draping

Draping is one of this autumn and winter's trends

Draped clothes are once again in the shops, but how do you wear them?

Brits are ugly - it's official

Anyone fancy a website takedown?

Sock it to the pretty ones

Living in France - signed copies

We have a limited number of signed copies of my book that we're selling direct to the public

Living in FranceAs part of the launch of WebVivant Press - web-based publishing venture - we're making available a limited number of signed copies of my book, Living in France.

A twinge of desire

It's not often that I'm overcome with lust for a garment, but it happened to me last week.

A few days ago, I would have given my eye teeth for a cardi, but luckily I stuck to my guns.

Easy ways to reduce your fashion footprint

Check out this video for how to throw away your clothes sensibly

Even ditching your clothes has an environmental impact...

Women sought for interview

British journalist seeks women for interview

Want to be interviewed for British magazines?

Winter knits

Winter will be upon us sooner than anyone wants to admit.

Just say no

More coming fashion trends that are worth avoiding

The Guardian has identified more fashion trends you might want to steer well clear of.

Walking on sunshine

The fashion industry may try to tell us that high is style, but women are increasingly attracted to flats

There's no getting round this - high heels are bad for your health

How to work the revival trends

With the 80s and 90s revivals upon us, there are many pitfalls for the unwary fashionista

Paris 2010How to cope with the trends for 2010