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A nip in the air

Autumn is approaching - time for fleece pyjamas

Another one bites the dust

I fear that one of my favourite labels has gone the way of all corporates

Puppy love

As if life wasn't complicated enough...

One step forward

Oh, the wonders of a flushing toilet...

Oh, so thoroughly fed-up

Our bathroom refit from hell is proving a little wearing.

Greta the Green Room

My latest project is doing up an old caravan.

Makeup for the over-40s

If you've never worn makeup at all, your 40s and 50s is a good time to start.

Review: Lipikar Gel Fluide

Lipikar Gel Fluide by La Roche-Posay is a wonderful, lightweight moisturiser.

A learning curve

I'm on a steep learning curve when it comes to makeup.

The wonder that is Noz

Is it really worth paying thirteen times more for a near-identical product? Two facial scrubs I found at a discount store seem near-enough the same.

Christmas bouquet

My Christmas bouquet from the garden this year.

Christmas cheer

A tiring day but a rewarding one.

Fun with cars

We've managed to have both our cars off the road at the same time.

The UK's property-serfdom

Is the UK really becoming a country of the landed and the landless?

Staying warm this winter

Tips for staying snug as the temperatures drop.

Covered in bees

It's like Wildlife on One in here.

Autumn colours

Even though the weather's still warm, I notice I'm changing colours with the season.

Colonoscopy time!

So yesterday was a fun day....

When will it end?

Sometimes decluttering can feel like scaling a mountain, but I am inching my way to the summit.

The last days of summer

Autumn is coming and it'll be a hell of a shock.

Summer shirtwaists

A well-fitting shirtwaist is a godsend in summer.

Barbie time

It's typical that just as we host our first barbie in years, the weather forecast is terrible.


In temperatures like these, natural fabrics are worth their weight in gold.

Avoiding the news

Apart from some slight guilt, I feel massively better for no longer reading or watching the news.

The revamp progresses

Our winter bedroom is coming along bit by bit

Reclaiming the garden

We're reclaiming the courtyard of our garden.

A housing crisis

There are so many empty houses near where we live - you'd think something could be done.

A new room

We're revamping the house again.

Dressing in the menopause

Does your style really go off the rails at this time?

Busy doing something

Today I have mostly... been a scrubber

Back to basics

When it comes to clothing, maybe basics are really all I need....

Les nuits blanches

Looks like another sleepless night, then...

Swings and roundabouts

Boy, have I made some mistakes in purchases lately. But on the other hand, I've had some successes.

Menopause matters - dry eye

Increasingly dry eyes are a surprisingly common symptom of menopause.