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Oops - technoluddite

Just when I thought I'd got the hang of this interwebs thing...

I have to make a very shamefaced apology to anyone who comments on this blog.

I WAS a bit mystified as to why no-one was commenting lately. In fact, only yesterday I mentioned it to the DH, saying: "Can you see if something's happened? I haven't had a comment in ages..."

Well, the something was me.

It would appear that - ahem - I set up a filter some months ago, through which comments have been going, and then I left the box merrily unchecked. 

God, what a dufus. The really stupid thing is I kept checking my Local Folders etc, thinking something might have gone astray. But did I scroll down to the bottom? Did I bollocks.

Consequently, not a single comment has appeared on this blog since September, on account of I have to approve them all. 

So I will now do that, and many thanks for them. Then I'll shuffle off and attack one of them new-fangled mechanised loom thingies with a big stick... 


Disappeared into the ether

A serious crash at Second Cherry's web host has 'disappeared' several days work.

Morning folks. Notice anything different?


Those who visit this site regularly might notice that a whole bunch of posts has disappeared. Mostly they're news, but there are also a few blog posts that have gone missing. 

This is due to a crash at our web hosts - apparently they were checking their backup and encountered a major corruption.

I must admit, I didn't realise this could happen - I thought these posts were on our server. I mean, God knows I hit the 'save' button often enough... But our server only backs up periodically, about once a week, so it's goodbye to all that. Luckily, I'm not too badly affected - my husband, on the other hand, has lost months of work - blogs, configuring on half a dozen websites, you name it. 

Anyway, when the whole caboodle went down I was in the middle of reviewing a book by Twiggy, so I will start all over again. Watch the reviews space...


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