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Oldies may be goldies, but newbies are nice too

I am feeling very girly on account of having something new to wear...

I had one of those results yesterday. Popped over to give a friend a CD and came back with a carrier bag full of clothing.

It's always nice when new clothes just drop into your lap, summoned by some invisible karma. In this case, it's three nice blouses for summer - one an Elizabeth Emmanuel - and a jacket from Wallis that fits me to a tee. In the last 'bourse' a couple of weeks ago I also got a gorgeous khaki cotton jacket, not to mention the most beautiful white silk Boden coat covered with pink roses that fortunately made my friend look like a hausfrau. I feel like a new woman.

It's particularly nice because my budget for clothes this year really ought to be zero. There are just too many other things that need money spending on them. I'll pick up knickers and socks with the weekly shop, of course, if needed, but I won't, this year, be assessing where the gaps are in my wardrobe and trying to fill them the way I usually do. Clothing will have to be something other people give me, or I make for myself. 

The water pump is gronking, and the washing machine is on its last legs; Lucy's cancer treatments have cost around 500 euros since February, and are bound to cost more over the coming weeks; and who knows what wood and heating oil will cost, come winter? Last winter it cost £2,500 to heat this house and we only had it on for six hours a day. 

The trouble is, I am now officially BORED STIFF with all my existing clothes. I hate to admit to such a girly streak, but I am very pleased indeed to get the chance to wear something new - I feel like a pauper who's been up to the big house and got a posh lady's castoffs. Any minute now, I shall be tugging my forelock with gratitude. 



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