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Shiseido donates hygiene products to quake-struck region

No-water hygiene products sent to Japan's stricken regions

Leading Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido has sent quantities of hygiene and personal care products to the quake-, tsunami- and nuclear-reactor affected regions of Japan.

Shiseido is known in the West mainly for its beauty products but also has a large medical division, which is better known in Japan. The donations consist of:

* 10,000 bottles of FRESSY Dry Shampoo to enable people to keep their hair and scalp clean without water. 

* 10,000 bottles of Medicated Hand Soap, for use with water.

* 10,000 large bottles and 10,000 small bottles of Speedes quick-drying hand disinfectant, which can be used without water.

The company has also made a donation of 100 million yen (£770,000) to the relief effort, with further donations to come if the ongoing situation requires it. 


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