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Pretty in pink

If you're looking for a hair styler, why not a coloured one?

Pink hair stylerI came across this nifty little styler the other day - the 'Pink Kiss'.

I have been a wash-n-wear girl for a long time now, but my hair is now starting to need a bit more help than a quick blow-dry, even if it's just a little something to turn the ends under. However, not having used a curling tong since the 1970s - ye gods - I was totally unaware of what a variety there now is out there.

This styler (for 'stylers' is what they are now called) has ceramic plates, automatic shut-off, universal voltage so that you can travel with it, and an anti-shiver system to prevent what is apparently one of the most common forms of damage to stylers (if the room temperature is less than 8 degrees it shuts down to prevent damage caused by condensation when heating up). All a huge advance on the heat-and-drop-out hair tongs I used to use.

I got slightly confused by the terminology too, when researching around the GHD website. The company calls it a hair straightener, but this is definitely the thing to buy if you want waves, curls and flicks, which is what I'm after - straight hair I've already got plenty of.

There are lots of ghds
available, but what I like best about this one, which is called the GHD IV Salon Styler is that if you buy the pink version (it also comes in black, purple, white and glossy black or white finishes), the company makes a donation to breast cancer research.

You can see the full range, and stockists at:



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