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A quick brow fix

Here's a quick and easy way to keep your brows in shape

Here is a quick way to tidy up your eyebrows, for those of us who don't want or can't afford to head to the salon.

One thing I've never seen mentioned anywhere about your brows as you age is that they suddenly get all springy and develop a mind of their own - a la Denis Healey. Even mine are doing this and they've always been well-behaved little blonde things until now. One rogue hair even takes it upon itself to grow straight upwards and up to an inch and a half long. 

Plucking is all well and good, but it only works on hairs that are in the wrong place. If the hairs are in the right place, as mine are, it can leave you with gaps. My eyebrows are the right shape, they're just not lying flat any more and each individual hair tends to grow too long and wiry. So last week I did what I do with my husband's stray hairs. 

Brush them straight up with a toothbrush or old mascara brush, and cut off any hair that's proud of your browline with a sharp pair of nail scissors. Then brush downwards and cut off any hair that's below the correct browline. A quick wipe with a bit of Vaseline on the mascara brush, and everything should be tidy again. 



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