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Carol Kirkwood's festival of duffels

BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood is a great example of an over-40s babe

Carol KirkwoodI've been meaning to blog for some time about the lovely Carol Kirkwood who presents the weather on the BBC.

Kirkwood has quite a male fan following from what I can gather, who seem to spend a great deal of time wondering if she's naked under her duffel coat. She also has an appreciation society on Facebook.

Aged 48 and a buxom wench, she has a great warmth and womanliness about her, and a beautiful voice, which only adds to her smiley charm. She is from Inverness - said to have the most beautiful accent in the British Isles. 

"Is she attractive?" I asked my husband, wanting a bloke's opinion.

"Oh yes..." he said, slightly dreamily. In particular, it's the way she says 'Scortlind', apparently.

The nice thing about it is that Kirkwood is that she's far from being a model or a bombshell and her hourglass figure owes quite a lot to her self-confessed fondness for chocolate. Her attractiveness comes mainly from herself, which means it's independent of age. In particular she has very twinkly eyes, but it's her general demeanour of warmth and friendliness that make her most attractive. She seems to send many people out to work with a smile on their face, despite the crappy weather. 

Gloverall duffelsFor some months now I've also been noticing her lovely clothes, of course. It being winter, and most of her presentations being outdoors, she's usually in a polo-neck sweater and a coat, often a duffel, and quite often a sparkly scarf and matching gloves.

She also has a nice range of quilted jackets (one silver quilted parka resulted in hundreds of phone calls to the BBC Breakfast Programme recently, asking where it was from), and several double-breasted and single-breasted raincoats.

My favourites are her silver parka, pink and lilac duffels (I'm sure she has both the lilac and pinks ones above) and her lemon-coloured raincoat, though she also has a nice sage-green one I'd quite like to rip off her back. Kirkwood, who is a cool blonde, knows how to flatter her colouring and usually chooses soft or bright colours such as pink, red, lilac, sage green and lemon - a lesson most of us could learn as we trip onwards into our second half-century. Unfortunately, none of the pix I found of her in these colours were downloadable, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Carol KirkwoodI'm not the only one to have noticed her dress sense, apparently - her website says she gets more questions about her clothes than she does about the weather, and she has a FAQ telling you where they're all from.

So, for those who were wondering, the duffels are from Boden and Gloverall (the Gloverall ones look like the real deal to me - £269 for the top of the range in herringbone wool); the sparkly scarves and gloves are mostly from friends and family, but she also finds them in Accessorize, Anne Klein and Marks and Spencer. Her raincoats are from Boden, M&S and Next, while the quilted parkas are from Land's End.

Kirkwood doesn't often wear a hat, but when the weather's particularly bad, she gets them from Monsoon or Accessorize. Nor does she get all her clothes for free, as one fan asked. She has a modest clothing allowance from the Beeb, but says her mistakes are all her own - not that, in the estimation of most men, she makes many.



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