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Famous for 15 seconds

I wondered why visitors to this site had spiked yesterday - now I find that I've been on the telly

Click screengrab It's a strange sensation to find yourself suddenly visible like this.

I mean, I know that other people can - y'know - SEE this website, and some of them even make comments, but to suddenly see a picture of yourself on the TV when you weren't expecting it is kind of weird.

For those who don't get this programme (I'm not sure where the Beeb syndicates it), I was mentioned on 'Click', the BBC's consumer programme about IT.

My blog appeared in the section hosted by Kate Russell, who each week trawls the web for interesting sites. She gave me a good review, too, which is a fillip. You can see the full review here, but to quote part of it, she says:

"I thought I would take a dive into the world of blogs with a little gem I found aimed at women in their 40s.

The content is definitely geared right for the woman in her 40s, tackling such thorny issues as growing old ungracefully, the pros & cons of plastic surgery and uplifting underwear.

Simple in layout and with just a spattering of pictures, it is much more of a read than a glossy visual experience. But well worth the read if you consider yourself to be an over 40s babe."

Well, that's my 15 seconds of fame over with. :) Back to mopping up cat wee and seeing if the tent I pitched in the orchard has blown over in last night's gale.  



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