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Littlewoods launches in Europe

Littlewoods will now sell its catalogues in some European countries as well as the UK.

Kickflare jeansLittlewoods, of catalogue fame, will now deliver to Europe.

Countries include France (yay!), Germany, Spain and Portugal. 

This is a very good thing to hear.

Not that we're not spoilt for choice in France with catalogue companies such as Quelle, Trois Suisses and La Redoute, but British-style clothes are rather different and of course the sizing is not the same. The fixed delivery charge of 5 euros is also competitive compared with companies like La Redoute.

Sadly, I see that we still need to pay more for items, owing to the lousy exchange rate. These kickflare jeans are £24 in the UK, but 29 euros in the European catalogue. At the current rate, they should be just over 27 euros, but Littlewoods appear to have set their exchange rate at 1.20 to the pound. 

Still, pricing issues aside, it's nice to have the option. 



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