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Lest we forget

Before we consign George W to the dustbin of history, let's take a moment to remember his non-achievements.

Michael Tomasky's article in today's Guardian made me laugh out loud. 

Tomasky I assume, is American, but no European could have put it better. Spitting with rage about the ex-president, he enumerates only a few of his major grievances, but they're still plentiful enough. So here's a brief look at just some of George W Bush's achievements, according to Tomasky, and what we'll fondly remember of his regime.

"The lies about the war. The phony Saddam–al-Qaida link. The use of one of our greatest national tragedies for partisan political purposes. The smearing of political opponents as unpatriotic. And in the face of all that, the temerity to botch of the prosecution of the war.

"The corruption of the justice department. The torture, the waterboarding, Abu Ghraib. The domestic surveillance of only God yet knows who and what. Guantánamo. The intimidation of scientists, the doctoring of governmental reports on global warming. The utter inaction, also, on global warming. The utter inaction on healthcare. The utter inaction on the economy. The utter indifference – no, hostility – to any regulation of the mortgage market.

"The phony "compromise" on stem-cell research. Katrina – ah, yes, New Orleans. Can't forget that. It, in turn, opens up an entirely fresh Pandora's box peopled with unqualified incompetents and unyielding ideologues who were given their government jobs merely, or at least chiefly, because they swore a mafioso-like fealty to capo Bush and consigliere Karl Rove."

Before I go, I'll add another one, courtesy of Jon Stewart: in his time in office, Dubya held 47 press conferences, but took 77 holidays. Enough said? This man clearly thought he need answer to no-one for his actions. In that timeframe, incidentally, I calculate that Tony Blair - whose political shennanigans are nothing to be proud of - was grilled on live television around 320 times for Prime Minister's Questions. 

Still, the Bush era is now over, and at least we have the ray of hope, as Tomasky says, that Bush was SO bad that under Obama, things can only get better. 


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