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Obama knocks em dead in England and France

Michelle Obama looked just the part of a First Lady on her G20 and Nato summit visits

Well now, I couldn't let the week go by without mentioning Mrs Obama and her fashion sense, could I? Michelle Obama and Sarah Brown

Just quite what charisma the Obamas carry with them was perfectly evident on the steps of Downing Street. Our heavy, fleshy Prime Minister and his primly suited wife looked like they were not quite from the same planet as the Glamour Twins - he in his well-cut suit, she in plain old J Crew apparently, but looking like a butterfly landed among moths. Mrs Obama generally does have the effect of making others look like they just haven't quite tried hard enough - witness how her 'optimistic' pale mint skirt and sparkly cardi, left, contrasts with Sarah Brown's respectable but dull navy. 

She got on well with the Queen too, we hear. Her Madge even forgave Obama's slip of etiquette in putting her arm round her by actually reciprocating. Unheard of. It's absolutely verboten to touch the person of the Monarch - when Paul Keating of Australlia did it, it damn near caused an international incident. But her Madge seems to have very much liked Mrs Obama and asked her to stay in touch (Queenie is a leftie on the quiet, in that way the rich and priviledged sometimes are). 

The ObamasIt must be an odd thing, as the Daily Telegraph so patriotically pointed out, to sit down to lunch with someone who can put you on a personal sliding scale that includes Churchill and Kennedy. Queenie has met every major head of state of pretty every country since the Second World War. 

For meeting the Queen, Mrs Obama wisely chose to cover up, with a black jacket that she later slipped off to reveal the white top of her dress - a very nice outfit. 

Obama and BruniFor meeting the Sarkozys, she again stuck to a signature style with a textured silk coat in black with pink roses (underneath was a sheath dress in the reverse colourway), while Mrs Sarkozy - not known for her lack of style herself - donned her convent-like signature grey. I'm guessing Dior but could be mistaken. 

Doubtless today the ladies will be off to cheer up cancer patients or pat children on the head sympathetically, as is the lot of presidential wives. 



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