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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Shame on the British voters who last night elected their first fascist leader

GriffinAs a Brit living abroad, I greet with total dismay the election of two BNP politicians to the European Parliament.

Shame on everyone who voted for them. The BNP are total scum - nothing more than Nazis in different hats. 

Lest anyone think this is an exaggeration, let us remember for a moment that the BNP was founded by John Tyndall, leader of the National Front, and a man who said: "Mein Kampf is my bible". He was also deputy leader of a private paramilitary organisation called Spearhead, which modelled itself on the Nazi brownshirts.

Nor has the party changed. To this day, the BNP proudly denies the Holocaust and believes that the gas chambers did not exist. Its current leader, Nick Griffin, may be hail-fellow-well-met but he is a nasty piece of work with a conviction for incitement to racial hatred. 

The BNP says it wants to 'reverse the tide of non-white immigration into the UK'. This would be the swamping tide of people who run our corner shops, would it? The people who came over to clean our offices and factories and in general do all the shite jobs that whites didn't want? Shame on them for daring to improve their lot over the past 60 years and think they're entitled to equal rights with white people. 

Or would it be the tide of people who run our IT departments, or our railways, or who qualify as doctors and consultants, who get better results in their exams than whites, who have a lower divorce rate, who support each other within their families and communities? Shame on them, too - do they not know they are inherently inferior to every slack-jawed tattooed fuckup with a white skin?

I get confused though - should we hate these brown-skinned people for being worthless layabouts who don't want to work, or should we hate them for coming over and taking our jobs? Workshy or job thieves - which is it? The BNP can't have it both ways. 

The BNP says it promotes "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home". These would be the same sorts of incentives as the Nazi party offered Jews, would they? And if people say no, on account of the fact that they were born in Britain and their siblings were born in Britain and their parents were born in Britain and when they go on holiday to Delhi they don't speak aword of the bloody language, where does that leave them? How 'firm' would that persuasion become, I wonder? As firm as a jackboot? As firm as a gun in the back?

The BNP loathes all Muslims of whatever persuasion and believes that Hindus or Sikhs that practise their religion are thereby not British. Well, suppose I am white and a Muslim? Is this not possible? Does that make me suddenly not British? Suddenly 'black' instead of white?

The BNP also believes that there are biological racial differences that determine the behaviour and character of individuals of different races, which is why it is also very proudly for 'whites only'. As if any of us is 'WHITE', for Christ's sake. Do these people not fucking read or what?

We are all the SAME, we are all related, we are all out of Africa - some of us long back, some of us more recently. In reality, deep down, there are no whites or blacks or browns or yellows, only people, who share the same two eyes and legs and arms, one heart, a digestive system, who need to eat and sleep and find shelter, who fear pain and death, who couple and who raise children.

Where does this kind of racist nonsense leave my husband, whose dark skin colouring is rumoured to be the result of an ancester holidaying in India and coming back with a load on board? If he's one-eighth Indian, say, could he stay in the UK under BNP rules? Or would he have to go 'back'. Or should he send an arm or a leg, perhaps? Maybe just a finger or thumb then...

The British public had better beware if they start voting in nutters like the BNP. These people are not patriots, they are fascists, they are dangerous and after they've done with the blacks and the browns, and the Muslims and the Hindus while the rest of us turn our backs and pretend it isn't happening, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll turn on the Jews, and homosexuals - and women need not imagine that we come very high in their listings of things to admire. Kinder kuchen kirch  - that would be our lot in life.

During the last French election, I vividly remember a left-wing politician saying: "Chirac is my adversary. But Le Pen is my enemy." This is the crucial difference - I may be a left-winger, and disapprove of Conservative policies, but they are my adversaries, not my enemies. The BNP are my enemy - because they are the enemy of democracy itself. 

If you wish to fight against the BNP, consider joining Unite Against Fascism, a cross-party pressure group whose diverse membership includes Conservative party leader David Cameron, former Lord Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and right-wing former MP Teddy Taylor. 


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