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Death of a sculptor

Sculptor Louise Bourgeois has died at 98

Louise BourgeoisI was saddened today to hear of the death of the sculptor Louise Bourgeios. It would be great if such artists could live forever, though I suppose 98 is a pretty good age by anyone's standards.

I first came across her work in the mid-1980s, if memory serves, and cut out and kept an article about her from the Sunday Times. In one photo - which I now know to be by Mapplethorple - she had a wicked, old-lady's face and a giant phallus (entitled 'Little Girl') tucked under one arm.

Later, I just LOVED her series of spider sculptures - the title 'Maman' means, I might guess, that we had similar sorts of mother...

She was a true artist, with something to say, and that thing most definitely female, abour power and powerlessness, death, sexuality and betrayal.

For a retrospective on her life, visit the Beeb



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