About me

Patricia Mansfield-Devine I’m an English writer and journalist who, with my husband Steve, upped sticks from London in 1999 and came to live in our home in France. We’re ensconced here with six cats and a dog (spot the child-free couple) in what’s grandly called a manoir, but is actually a farmhouse perched on top of a hill and exposed to every element nature can throw at it.

My first book, Living in France, was published by Harriman House in 2008 and I'm currently working on books on subjects as diverse as Irritable Bowel Disease and kimono.

When not writing or making jewellery, I spend my time cleaning up dog hair, bringing in wood, wiping up cat sick, searching for bargains at the supermarket, creating interesting meals out of leftovers and complaining to my friends about how boring my life is and how the house needs bigger windows.

A couple of years ago, after a life-changing illness, I regained my health, along with a level of fitness I’ve not had in years, and suddenly had a mid-life crisis. So I’ve started SecondCherry as a way of expressing my girly side, which is not calming down much now that I’m in my mid-40s and have neither the opportunity nor income to indulge it. Looking in the mirror may be getting increasingly difficult, but just consider the alternative…