Where have all the euros gone?

When did everything get so expensive?

I'm holding a girls night in on Friday - the first for quite a while - and one idea I had for the evening was a bran tub: it's Christmas, after all. 

I've asked the girls to buy a present for the tub for one euro, or as close to one euro as people can get, with an absolute upper limit of 2.50 euros, so's not to embarrass anybody.

But I know that some people will forget, so today I decided to pop out and buy a few one-euro items to use as emergency bran tub presents.

Only one problem: I could barely find any.

OK, it's not as if my local town, sunny Gorron, is wick with Pound Shops, but really, the only things I could find in our local supermarket were the own-brand bargain shampoo (SuperU Bien Vue) at 69p a bottle, and a couple of cakes of soap. I'd been thinking scented candles (4.50, 5.60, 7.57...), hand cream (5 euros and up), packets of joss sticks (3.50) etc, but absolutely no joy. 

Really, when did everything get so fucking expensive? I mean, who really pays 3.57 for a bottle of detergent to wash your hair with? No matter how many fancy passion fruit oils and angels' wings the stuff's meant to have in it, it's still basically a petroleum by-product. Personally, I do use the SuperU 69 cent egg shampoo, because it's perfectly all right and I won't let companies take the piss in this way (I also use it for washing the dog), but it would also be nice to have something prettier to present without the price suddenly quadrupling or quintupling.

A trip around Maison Point Verte (a sort of Homebase) got me incense cones (35 cents each), but forget my ideas for little gewgaws like coasters (2.60), teaspoon rests (5.00 euros), bags of Christmas baubles (5.67) or even joke presents like a box of Whiskas treats (2.67). Even a tin of baked beans in our supermarket costs nearly 3.00 euros. 

The glory that is Lidl did fit the bill, eventually, with packets of cola chews (99 cents), gingerbread (1.57), handcream (99 cents) and pralines (1.99) coming in at under 2.00 euros, so I do now have enough for the bran tub without bankrupting myself, but how daft is it that one can't buy a few simple stocking fillers without breaking the bank? Guess I'll have to fit in a trip to Mayenne before Friday, and have a wander round Noz, where consumer goods go to die...

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Re: Where have all the euros gone?
Reply #2 on : Wed December 12, 2012, 05:21:31
you need to find a Casa - loads of stocking fillers around 2€
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Reply #1 on : Wed December 12, 2012, 06:09:32
You're right - Casa is fab. :)Our nearest one, though, is about 40km away, so not quite a pop-over. Maybe I'll get out next week, though, if my schedule frees up a bit.