Latet anguis in herba

I had an unexpected visitor yesterday.

Had a bit of a surprise yesterday when I went into the kitchen. Something over at the kettle looked a tad out of place and when I went over, I realised the work surface was covered in bits of wood, some of them quite large. 

This is something that happens from time to time when you live in a house with a beamed ceiling - where the wood rots away, chunks of it drop out every so often.

So I looked up to see what had displaced it - perhaps the heavy rain or wind we've been having lately - and what did I see but a snake. A big fat grass snake warming itself on the fluorescent light.

I'd left the light on that morning and I suppose that although they're low energy, even fluorescent bulbs give out a certain amount of heat, creating a very comfy gaff for my visitor.

My snake was quite happily ensconced, as a quick tap with a broom handle proved, and there was no way I could pull him out of there without hurting him, so I just turned off the light and left him there.  A couple of hours later he was still there, but by nightfall, presumably in need of a snack, he'd wandered off. 

Still, his presence may explain why we don't seem to have a problem with birds in the kitchen attic.  

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