Lark ascending

Music to gladden the heart

God, I love the internet. 

Listening this morning to a glorious version of Mozart's Jupiter symphony (my TV volume on full, as this is where I get my radio), I'm reminded that on Sunday morning, the choice of music on Radio 3 was inspired, including Debussy's La Plus que Lente and later a performance of Vaughan-Williams' Lark Ascending so ethereal that the DH and I were rendered completely silent, hardly daring to clink our coffee cups for fear of breaking the spell.  

Thanks to modern technology, I was able to log on, go to Amazon and buy that version straight away. It's by Nicola Benedetti with the London Phil conducted by Andrew Litton, so that is now winging its way to me. It's coupled with some Tavener I don't know at all, so that will be interesting, but I've had that ascending lark in my head ever since. Simply wonderful.  

Nicola Benedetti has recorded this music more than once, but you can check out one version of her interpretation on YouTube.  

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