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A fruitful summer

Bottling summer's abundance is one of my pleasures in life. — Read now —>

Indigo-dyeing day

I'm more than pleased with my first try at indigo dyeing. — Read now —>

Review: Phyderma products

Premium skincare products with a silky feel on the skin. — Read now —>

A question of balance

A bit of balance would be very welcome in our lives right now. — Read now —>

Charlie Hebdo sold out

The first million copies have all gone — Read now —>

Steve Gold RIP

A good friend died last night. — Read now —>

Je suis Charlie

Christ, what a terrible day. — Read now —>

Project 333

Could you stick to 33 items of clothing for the next three months — Read now —>

A room of one's own

I'm creating a Zen space for myself. — Read now —>

The big declutter

Decluttering is an exhausting but fulfilling process. — Read now —>

A calmer environment

We recently stayed in the most beautiful holiday place we've ever booked and it's inspired me to change my home. — Read now —>

Dog happy

You can't be precious with dogs in the house. — Read now —>


Rohan has been around a long time, but it's a new label for me. — Read now —>

No to this

I sometimes think there's nothing at all to wear... — Read now —>

The end of the maize

The last harvest of the year is upon us — Read now —>

A nip in the air

Autumn is approaching - time for fleece pyjamas — Read now —>

Another one bites the dust

I fear that one of my favourite labels has gone the way of all corporates — Read now —>

Puppy love

As if life wasn't complicated enough... — Read now —>

One step forward

Oh, the wonders of a flushing toilet... — Read now —>